Porsche Panamera экслюзив от Edmunds

FOR FULL PANAMERA STORY @ INSIDELINE.COM: www.insideline.com \"Hey, how fast is 255 kilometers per hour?\" asks our videographer, John Adolph, to a colleague seated behind him. \"Because this sure doesn\'t feel like we\'re going that fast.\" The silence that follows says more about the 2010 Porsche Panamera than anything else we experience in our three-day drive. From the driver seat, with my mental calculator in high gear, I glance in the rearview mirror and witness the unlikely. That colleague is asleep. Here. In a Porsche. On the autobahn. It had taken a few long days on airplanes to arrive in Bavaria and none of us had slept well. But the fact that this guy managed to do it now means that the new Panamera is, as Porsche claims, a true four-door GT. Just as I\'m wrapping my mind around these facts, my calculator finishes the math. The speed? 158.1 mph. With a sleeping passenger. Sheesh.


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